Tuesday, May 09, 2006


After a very long silence, there are once again signs of life.

I suppose it was clear from our last entries, that our strong belief in "ripeness" as a personal concept and metaphor just wasn't strong enough to stave off death in our midst. Suffice it to say that for both of us it has been a hard year, full of loss and mourning.

You've seen those diagrams of the Earth's crust? You know how the puzzle pieces fit together and occasionally slide and bump making us all aware of our tininess in the grand scheme of all things geologic and otherwise? Well, it's been a year of existential earthquakes.


Even though things have shifted—we've lost people and we've lost part of ourselves and we've most certainly lost our balance—we are still standing. We're now looking at what's left, the lighter load, and we're doing with it what one must do.

In our book Janet writes, "The world and all its gravity knocks us around. We all fall; some of us learn to bounce." And so bounce we do, and bounce we will. And it will take many forms: bouncing back, making leaps of faith, springing forward, jumping for joy, and the plain old hopping out of bed in the morning.

Airborn. At least til we touch down again, and prepare ourselves for the next launch.