Sunday, February 08, 2009

Speaking of which...


Death. Doors....Tourist spots?

Odd how these go together (last two posts and the comment in between). Metaphorically. Poetically. Emotionally. Clearly, death, despite being the ultimate closure, is yet another passage for those it takes and for those it leaves behind. We call what comes after it "The Great Beyond," not knowing, really, what that means. And those of us who lose someone go forward, despite our loss, into unchartered territory. Sometimes territory that is unpredictably beautiful.

So nothing could be more powerful, graphically, then the shape of a door or a window framing nothing but time and space, making manifest an invitation from here to there. But the outlining of space does something else—at least for me. It gives me a tremendous sense of optimism, a sense that infinite possibility is just there, within reach. A complete Liz Lemon: "I want to go to there." And despite the fact that a delineation is by definition a border, the opening without context makes me feel border-less. It makes me feel utterly free. 

Janet's comment to Teresa mentioned the Portara at Naxos. It seemed only fitting to include it here. Time to move forward. As individuals. As a collective. The door is right there. And it's open. Maybe the time is not opportune to go to Greece, but we can walk freely through those beautiful doors in our minds and in our hearts.


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