Monday, October 05, 2009

Hear that? It's my kitchen, weeping

The end of Gourmet Magazine. The end of Gourmet Magazine? To save Bon Appetit? Because people refuse to eat anymore, they simply assemble? Oh god. My knives just wrapped their little blades around each other and prayed. Gourmet is the New Yorker of food. It's a bible. It's food porn and literature both. And it has Ruth Reichl! It's so gorgeously written, stunningly photographed, it's brilliant and beautiful so of course they're going to let it go. A long time ago, 15, 16 years, I told Chris Shipman I didn't read it because it looked so snotty. And he replied 'It's not snotty, it's perfection.' Rest in peace, perfection. Oh great: now my pans are all making a break for the door. The sponges have thrown themselves off the sink. Somewhere, Julia Child is very, very sad.
- Janet

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  1. Talk about perfection. This post is perfection. I'm afraid letting go the great to keep the mediocre may be the way of the present / future. So so sad.