Sunday, October 11, 2009

So much is possible, isn't it?

I saw this picture in the New York Times. Maybe you did too. If you didn't: The baby I've circled is Michelle Obama in the arms of her mother. If I'd been looking at a paper edition of the Times, I'd have clipped it out. But I did the digital equivalent by dragging it to my computer desktop, because I want to keep it forever, tuck it in my wallet, and pull it out when I pull out pictures of my children. It is such a complete image of all that is possible in this strange, unpredictable, often seemingly cruel world. And a hopeful thing to put next to the pocket-sized images of one's own offspring. Not that they'll be famous or powerful. It's not that which I wish for them. But that maybe they'll grow into a world where things they don't imagine can be true, really can be.

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