Sunday, April 04, 2010

How to Breathe Underwater

One of my friends is this wonderfully amazing person who seems to be able to handle any crisis well. Which is fortunate because she's going through another one in her family right now.
J. wouldn't agree that she moves through the world like grace under pressure. Like me, I think, she tends to project some strange calmness to the outside world even when her head feels like it's just been cut off. But her face, everything about her, projects this strong 'I can handle anything life throws at me' attitude and people believe it. She's so open and generous and unbelievably giving it seldom occurs to people she may be drowning. And a lifeline, a raft, may come in handy.
So I guess today would be a shout out to people to recognize when our friends are doing the dog paddle, or the breast stroke, and things are good. And then to come a little closer when you see that they're barely treading water. No one, even the most graceful among us, can forever breathe underwater. Somewhere in Bend, Oregon, I hope my good friend is safe inside an inner tube, and the water is calm.
- Janet

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  1. I'll be thinking about you, J. Hope whatever you're going through has a positive end in site. I've just left Easter vacation in France to come be with my Mom in the hospital in NYC. New chapter. New phase. Somehow, we are all sort of in this together...and yet, it's ignorant for me to say that because I have no idea what's happening to you. I send love anyway. Charlotte