Friday, June 25, 2010

Ah, now this is something to be excited for. David Fincher's newest film comes out in October. The Social Network...about that social network.
First preview in July.
First poster - right here.
Look at the design - so smart, so brilliant, completely viral, elegantly alligned with both fb's look and the new iPad as well. So simple, really, but I would have never thought of it.
And the line - fantastic.
Does Facebook steal your soul? Or does it just rent it for awhile, along with your every status update, photo-op, message to the masses that one hoped was actually private? Fincher + Aaron Sorkin on our complete loss of privacy sounds like 'Seven' without the blood. Wait. There will be blood. It will just be the internal, lusting, egotastic kind. And yes, it has a Facebook page.
- Janet

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  1. I'm sure it will be brilliant!!!