Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Chéri revisited.

After leaving the post about Stephen Frear's film Chéri, I received an email from a dear friend, letting me know that the saga behind the movie was perhaps more interesting and enlightening than the film itself. What I hadn't realized, was that the film project was originally developed (or at least nurtured) by Jessica Lange for many years, clearly with the thought that she herself would play the part of Lea.

Ten years after she began her crusade, the film was developed with the younger Michele Pfeiffer in the lead role. The story of this shift and of the cruelty of Hollywood is an interesting read. In this London Telegraph article, all is revealed, at least from one person's point of view, including some valuable insights into the story as written by Colette and where the movie, as finally produced, diverges from her intent.

I add, here, photos of Colette herself, young and old, so that you might see that when the woman writes of youth/beauty vs. age/self-possession, she knows of which she writes. —Charlotte

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  1. I love the article by Ellin Stein! Of course, Hollywood would opt for the younger Michelle rather than the way more suitable Jessica, no surprise there. And how much greater a film it would have been to have used the ending Colette gave to her story. Colette held onto her coquetterie much longer than most women of her day, but she did eventually loosen her grip, we all do - in one way or another. -A