Friday, October 10, 2008

Growing up.

Funny how time warps and weaves and folds back on itself.

Our last entry was in 2006, and perhaps frustrated that our book sales weren't doing better (that's another story for another time) we stopped posting onto Ripe: The Movement. But the fact of the matter is, our book may have slowed down, but the movement of ripeness goes on with or without us. We were happily reminded of this by a reader named Wendy.

When last we were posting, we'd both been hit by a series of deaths within close range, and our moods, world-views, and words were colored accordingly. Even though we said "Boing" in May 2006 with the intention of jumping back into action, the fact of the matter is that springing back takes time.

But time has passed: more than two years. And in that time, we've both regained a sense of youth and resilience. Some experiences are just to be waded through. There's nothing to do but hold tight and see where you end up. We're happy to say that we've ended up "up."

In the past weeks, we've also decided to dive back into our working partnership, and to take advantage of the ways in which we've both grown individually and professionally in the past few years. As Janet always said, "you don't grow old, you just grow."

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